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Creating award-winning television, film, and video for over 18 years!

How 2 Media is an esteemed South Florida-based television, film, and video production entity, renowned for its numerous award-winning contributions. Our extensive portfolio boasts a plethora of distinguished projects, including the widely acclaimed National Hit Television Show, "World's Greatest!...".

Notable among our accomplishments is the captivating documentary series "Mother Africa, Beats as One", which has earned critical acclaim for its compelling storytelling and remarkable insights. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond our own productions as we actively engage in collaborative ventures with local, national, and international television production houses, major motion picture studios, esteemed news outlets, influential social media personas, and various other media platforms.

At How 2 Media, we strive for innovation, quality, and creativity, ensuring that each project we undertake not only entertains but also inspires, informs, and captivates audiences worldwide. We remain dedicated to pushing boundaries and setting new standards of excellence within the media production landscape.

Our Experience

Beats As One

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