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We Dramatically Increase Revenue for the World's Most Ambitious Brands.

Growing Companies Since 2006

How 2 Media is an award-winning South Florida based video production and digital marketing agency specializing in website design, social media marketing, media buying, and digital marketing. We produce the National Hit Television Show, World’s Greatest, and the documentary series on Mother Africa, Beats as One.


We have an impressive client list with notable Fortune 500 clients along with 100's of 7-10 figure organizations. 

We dramatically increase revenue through several digital marketing strategies: video production, website design, email marketing, media buying, search engine optimization, award winning documentaries, and organic social - TikTok, Meta, and LinkedIn.


We manage over $80 million in client media spending per year between META, TikTok, Google, and Amazon PPC. We have generated over $500 million in revenue for our clients.

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How 2 Media is a growth agency unlike any other in the world. Because we specialize in video and digital marketing, our clients receive a cohesive strategy that allows their stories to be told without compromising their vision, growth, and brand.    

Stories We Tell

Blake Woolwine

Unlocking Untapped Potential

As an expert in video production, photography, and digital marketing, I have transformed brands by connecting them with their customers like never before and skyrocketed company growth by rethinking their strategies.

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Richard DiPilla

LinkedIn Influencer: 1.5+ Million Followers and Friends


With 4 decades of corporate leadership, I oversee the growth, and success of World’s Greatest TV show selecting ethical companies who are exceptional in their industry and growing our clients on LinkedIn.


I am the Chairman of Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation #501c3Foundation with 19,000 volunteers in 215 nations and territories.

Chief Growth Officer & Executive Producer
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Jet Kaiser

2x Emmy® Award-winner


Also nominated and winner of several other awards, Jet bought his first camera at the age of 14. Since then he has made several documentaries, and has become known for his catch phrase ‘I am an ‘eye’ not an ‘I’ whilst filming’

Director & Producer
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We educate business owners and marketing teams about ethical and honest marketing strategies that result in more leads, massive profitability, and impact.

Our Mission


Our Lead Team

Our Experience

Beats As One

Featured Documentary Teaser

LinkedIn Growth

How 2 Media has been globally recognized by LinkedIn as the #1 experts with profile optimization. With the #1 highest engaged account in the world, Richard DiPIlla leads each optimization helping companies and professionals skyrocket their growth and sales on LinkedIn. Read to start winning?

Video Content Specialities


We produce 30 second television and streaming services commercials, 3 minute segments for our hit National Television Show World's Greatest, and videos for internal training, HR, explainer videos. 


We win awards with our stories. Our documentaries result in massive profit and revenue for our clients while dominating brand awareness and authority.


We produce high quality UGC (User Generated Content) for META, TikTok, LinkedIn, Google as well as content for running paid/sponsored lead generation and eCommerce campaigns. 

Our Designs Generate Massive Revenue


High converting websites are a science as much as it is an art. We never use templates on marketplaces like ThemeForest or repurpose designs from our other client's websites. That's why our sites out perform the competition.

UX & UI Design

Strategic and effective user experience and user interface is the foundation to generating revenue from an eCommerce website, B2C, B2B and even an informational website for companies in construction or manufacturing.


Google is the most sophisticated and advanced AI on the planet. Google has a reputation to uphold so it knows the difference between mediocre websites and websites that give the users the best experiences.  Our websites get the best SEO rankings.


Would you show up to a networking event or a sales pitch in your swim suit? That's how a poorly designed website comes across to users. Our websites are like showing up to an event looking like James Bond or Wonder Woman. They command authority compared the competition.


Virtual LED Wall

There are only six LED walls on the east coast that match the resolution and quality. Our 50x13ft is powered by Resolume Arena Unreal Engine.


Mo-Sys VP Pro XR StarTracker System
3 RED Digital Komodo Cameras
Zeis Prime CP.3 T2.1 Lenses
DZO Pictor Zoom Lenses 

Recording Studio

State of the art recording studio for voiceovers, podcasts and interviews. With the LED wall we can instantly change interview environments. 

Green Room

Our green room is comfortable with a fully stocked kitchen and amenities.